Germination Tray

The latest in seed starting!

Floating Trays constantly to keep seedlings perfectly hydrated.
It is made by ABS fiber, possible long lasting at least 5 years and, provides the optimum growing.
It’s the best to put together with your trays as 104,105,150,200 cavities on this floating tray.

A standard tray in the nursery trade,

While Seedling Trays are designed to be used with air circulation space beneath to air prune plant roots, a drain tray is required to capture water when trays are set-up indoors.
You have been asked for one for years, and we have finally found one. You can also fill the tray with about 1″ of water and float the Seedling Tray on it for continuous watering.

Some PROBLEMS that farmers force to face and SOLUTIONS :
The most common mistake made with tray filling is over-wetting. Trays that are over-wetting will have a tendency to hold too much water. Increased wetness in the trays leads to increased spiral root incidence, more problems with stem and root rot, reduced root growth.

But now, 4’x 8’ germination tray may helps to reduce this problem. It manages to collect back water by using water pressure pump. (Controllable)

One of the reasons that trays are over-packed is to prevent dry cells. Dry cells occurred while media does not reach the bottom of the tray and does not come into contact with the water. When this happens, water will not wick, and the seed will not germinate.

Therefore, by using this Floating system, it’s to ensure that the seed are sufficiently absorbed of water in everyday.

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